Back in 2013 a strategic plan was created for the community development of Burkesville Kentucky. This included partnerships with different existing community groups, as well as businesses and the youth to work together with a common goal of beautification and revitalization. In 2015 the Partners with Pride group was born to "partner" these groups, businesses, non-profits, and leaders to work collectively towards the common goal of  to making our community a more beautiful and flourishing place to live the our residents will have "pride" in. After many beautification and revitalization projects we are now showcasing our town and natural resources to people both near and far with the River Festivus!


Burkesville, KY is full of farming, bluegrass music, sporting events, boating on the lake, and fishing on the river, but the best part is the 1,200 smiling faces of the most caring faces you will find anywhere. How can we create a festival that those that come from all over can enjoy? Well, I think Seinfeld said it best, we will have a “Festivus, a festival for the rest of us.”


The River Festivus is a community event that was created to celebrate life on the mighty Cumberland River that runs right through downtown Burkesville as well as bring light to all of our local community members and businesses. From water sports and fishing to live music, great food and shopping, we can almost guarantee that the River Festivus is going to offer something that anyone can enjoy. 

Downtown Drawing
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